MOSH offers engaging, inquiry-based programs for your student and family in the areas of science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics!

Programs have been developed specifically for elementary-aged students. Parents with younger or older siblings may observe classes with registered students. Homeschool programs will consist of two 45-minute interactive sessions, which cover a range of topics. You will have time to explore the Museum 30 minutes before the program begins and will also have time after the program.

When: Third Wednesday of every month
Doors Open: 9 a.m. (program begins at 9:30 a.m.)

Admission: $8 per student and parent (unless otherwise noted); 20% discount for MOSH Members and their students

  • In order to secure spots for a particular program, payment must be made before the day of the program. Once a program is sold out, no further tickets will be available for purchase online or in person. Late registration (the day of) can only be done in person, and tickets cannot be guaranteed.
  • Programs begin promptly at 9:30 a.m.; participants arriving more than 10 minutes late will not be admitted into the program. Refunds or credits will not be given to late or no-show groups.
  • If you have any difficulty, please call 904.396.MOSH (6674), ext. 213 for more information.

Upcoming Homeschool Days

May 17

Nutritional You! (Age Group 5-7)

Find out what your body needs to be healthy! We’ll learn about the best foods to fuel your body, fun ways to stay active, and make a delicious kid-approved snack!

February 15

Seasons and the Solar System (Age Group 7-11)

Explore the solar system in this exciting visit to the Planetarium. Examine how planets orbit and tilt around the sun, and conduct an experiment to see how this tilt affects the seasons on earth.

March 15

Identity Exhibit (Age Group 10-12)

Have you ever wondered what makes you, YOU? We’ll explore this question as we learn about genetics, human biology, and the outside factors that make you who you are! We’ll investigate our new exhibit and get a chance to extract and observe our own DNA!

April 19

Plants (Age Group 5-7)

Learn about what plants need to grow, and how the sun helps them make their own food! Find out why leaves change colors, how plants help the environment, and take home your very own seeds to watch grow!