Exhibit Closes Jan. 28, 2018

MOSH invites you to take a trip to ancient Rome with our newest traveling exhibit, Ancient Rome: Epic Innovators and Engineers! Experience the wonders of ancient Rome brought to life in this outstanding interactive exhibition of incredible machines, art and technology by the internationally acclaimed Artisans of Florence.

The exhibition features artifacts of ancient technology reconstructed using designs dating from the height of the Roman Empire; the collection will transport you back two thousand years in the time of Julius Caesar, mighty Centurions and fearsome Gladiators. The exhibition explores an epic period during which Rome conquered much of the ancient world through military ingenuity, oversaw significant feats of construction and pioneered technological innovations that affect our lives today.

It features more than two dozen replicas on display and numerous models and hands-on, interactive elements that allow guests to be directly involved in operating the many mechanisms that testify to Roman ingenuity. For some, ancient Rome conjures up an image of gladiators fighting to the death for the amusement of a large audience. Ancient Rome reveals some of the technology behind these spectacles.

Included in the show are models of the Colosseum and a hypogeum with a lift used to hoist deadly wild animals from the Colosseum’s basement and release them into the arena. Museum-goers also will see armor and weapons used by gladiators, which are different from the armor and weapons of Roman soldiers, also on display.

The exhibition includes other items, such as a water clock, a sundial, a battering ram, an assault tower, a bridge, a catapult and an aqueduct model. Museum guests will also see a fresco, mosaics and a potter’s wheel that Romans adopted from earlier cultures. Ancient Rome is created by Artisans of Florence – International and NICCOLAI TEKNOART S.N.C. (Firenze).