Feb. 10, 2018, through May 13, 2018

Are you ready for science fiction to become a reality? Let your imagination run wild with a vision of the future you thought only existed in fiction. If you thought teleportation, holograms, invisibility and mind control were only in the movies – think again. MOSH presents a visually compelling exhibition, Science Fiction, Science Future, that provides opportunities for creativity and innovation on a large scale. Engaging exhibits enable visitors to develop a deeper understanding of how science fiction ideas and concepts might become the science reality of tomorrow.

The exhibition features hands-on and full-body experiences incorporating robots, invisibility, mind control, holograms and augmented reality. Guests will interact with a robot, design a cyborg, move a ball using their brain waves, experience the illusion of teleportation, watch themselves disappear and control computer actions with their eyes. A centerpiece of the show is a giant projection ball featuring futuristic images and videos.

In the exhibition, visitors will also be able to draw and describe what they think houses, transport and our planet will look like in the future – will we live on Mars, get around using jet-pack rockets, or have a robot cooking our meals? You decide!

Science Fiction, Science Future allows visitors to explore the past and present predictions for our future. How long do you think it will be before robots walk the streets with us? They already build our cars, explore space and even operate on people. Find out what the future will look like and if you can believe what you see.

With interactive, engaging exhibits that challenge the mind and body, and a stunning visual environment, this exhibition sets the stage for a unique journey of science exploration, curiosity and discovery.

Science Fiction, Science Future is created by Scitech and produced by Imagine Exhibitions.