About the Exhibition

Step into your favorite Saturday-morning cartoons and explore the remarkable world of storytelling through an animator’s perspective.

The Animation Academy, distributed by Exhibits Development Group and produced by Stage 9 Exhibitions, is a captivating and immersive traveling exhibition that invites visitors of all ages to leap into the fascinating realm of animation. This unique showcase provides a rare in-person glimpse into the magic behind some of the most treasured animated films and characters, and offers a comprehensive exploration of the art, science, technology, and history of animation.

Visitors are greeted by a vibrant atmosphere that mirrors the energy of animation itself. Take a photo on The Simpsons set, strike a pose with Po from Kung Fu Panda, or meet Gumby, the beloved, green, clay humanoid and his sidekick Pokey. There are a plethora of interactive exhibition stations inviting visitors and animation fans to explore imaginative design through the decades.

The Animation Academy provides a captivating, educational journey into the heart of animation. The exhibition layout is designed to guide guests through the dynamic stages of the animation process, from concept and character creation to storyboarding, rendering, and final production. Visitors will discover animation’s profound impact on our culture and how it revolutionized the landscape for the entertainment industry.

Go behind the scenes for an exclusive peek into the careers of animators, complete with animation desks, light tables and tracing stations, magnetic storyboarding interactives, and more. Visitors can delve into the art of storytelling through animation, showcasing original storyboards, scripts, and narrative techniques used in classics like The Lion King and Toy Story. They can then put their skills to the test and film their own stop-motion movie.

No animation exhibition would be complete without a showcase of animated film clips. Here, guests can relive timeless moments from classic Disney films, groundbreaking Pixar creations, and the latest blockbusters. Watch the mesmerizing illusions of beloved animation characters in the world’s largest 3D zoetrope and look for original hand-drawn cels of real stop-motion maquettes throughout the exhibition’s many stations.

The Animation Academy is about having fun and presenting everyone with the opportunity to create, experiment, explore, and find inspiration not just within the parameters of art and animation, but also with storytelling at the core of it all.

Featured exhibition components:

  • World’s largest 3D zoetrope
  • 2D and 3D stop-motion station interactives
  • Animation university experience
  • Tracing stations
  • Scooby Doo photo op
  • Shrek KEVA castle interactive
  • photo op
  • Warner Bros. “That’s All Folks” photo op
  • The Simpsons photo op
  • Magnetic storyboard interactive
  • RFID animation process interactive
  • Spin browser interactive
  • Chuck Jones Studio interactive
  • The Animation Academy guest artist workshop experience
  • Gumby workshop/studio interactive
  • Exclusive 60-Year history of Gumby timeline with original puppets
  • Gumby “Hidden Valley” exclusive set replica interactive
  • Original cels and drawings
  • Exclusive Clokey Studios original character puppets and dioramas
  • Ray Harryhausen original Tortoise and the Hare set interactive
  • Saturday-morning cartoons experience
  • Original Shrek prototype maquettes
  • 3D printing display/interactive
  • Electronic watercolor wall interactive
  • Chromakey social media station

Open now through February 12, 2024, The Animation Academy provides BIG fun for all visitors. The exhibition is included with General Admission to Jacksonville’s Museum of Science & History (MOSH).

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MOSH is located at 1025 Museum Circle near Friendship Park. MOSH, first chartered in 1941, inspires the joy of lifelong learning by bringing to life the sciences and regional history. Admission is $19.95 for adults; $16.95 for youth, students, active and retired military, and seniors. There is no admission fee for children 2 and under or Museum Members.

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