Volunteers Share Their MOSH Experiences

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November 11, 2021
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November 23, 2021

Volunteers Share Their MOSH Experiences

Get Involved Today

Join the volunteer community at the Museum of Science & History! Volunteers and interns help create a meaningful and memorable experience for Museum visitors. MOSH welcomes individuals from all walks of life, from teen interns to retired military veterans; our group of talented volunteers reflect Jacksonville’s diversity. Our volunteers are a core component to the Museum’s growth and sustainability of the educational service provided to our community. By volunteering or interning, you help our mission of inspiring the joy of lifelong learning by bringing to life the sciences and regional history.

“I started volunteering when my boss, Ted Hobson, was on the MOSH board.  Even though he has been off the board for some time, I love volunteering at MOSH and have stayed.  I cannot wait to see all of the exciting things in our future. I love working special events because it is always something different.” – Cheryl M.

Volunteers at the Steampunk Soirée Comic Con Event, September 2021

Networking and professional development

The volunteer program connects and creates a range of professional opportunities within the Museum that individuals can carry with them through their career aspirations. Volunteers learn a plethora of skills and acquire a deeper understanding of our community, which helps foster professional networking. MOSH seeks to utilize the skills our volunteers bring to the table, while simultaneously fulfilling their interests.

“As part of one of my summer classes, I was asked to intern somewhere with a focus on informal STEM learning. Out of the places I applied to, MOSH felt like the best fit for me. I enjoyed every conversation I had had with the people who worked there, and I felt like the project I was being welcomed into was unique and interesting. Being invited to intern at MOSH made me excited for the summer and what I would be doing – developing the Creation Station.” – Douglas B.

The program is also a great outlet for building leadership and teamwork skills. Volunteers will learn about nonprofit work and Museum functionalities. Our guest relations manager LaRoe Adams says “The Museum is a bubbling pool of knowledge and professional information that volunteers and interns can siphon off and carry over into their professional endeavors.”

“I love museums. I love what they hold. I love what they mean to me and so many others. That’s the core of my reason for volunteering. I love museums and I want to experience their innerworkings.” – LJ V.

Community service

Whether you’re still in school or in retirement, volunteering is a great avenue for community service. Volunteering at MOSH can satisfy school community service hours while building your network with professionals. MOSH is grateful for its senior citizen volunteers who benefit by staying connected to their community, engaging with others and staying active.

“I especially love the special events at the museum, such as the Renaissance fairs during the dragons (The Lost World of Dragons) exhibit. It was wonderful to see so many locals show off their love of medical and Renaissance elements while also bringing their kids to check out the wonderful dragons. A friend of mine approached me about volunteering, and I felt it would be a unique way for me to give back to the community.” – Tim G.

Make a difference

Volunteers and interns interact with the visitors of MOSH; you become a part of their experience and influence what they take away from their visit. There are a variety of Museum departments that MOSH volunteers and interns are currently assisting in, from guiding guests through the Museum for a special event to helping kids learn something new in Discovery Camps. See the full list of departments below:

  • Volunteers at the LOL JAX Film Festival, August 2021

    Special Events and Public Programs

  • The Florida Naturalist’s Center
  • Education Discovery Camps
  • Guest Relations
  • Technical Services
  • Development

“I chose to volunteer/intern at MOSH to learn more about caring for the native animals within the FNC and about what it is like to work in a museum. As far as day-to-day projects go, I really enjoy making and providing enrichment to the animals; It’s always entertaining to see how they react! My favorite event so far has been World Turtle Day; Getting to help make the scavenger hunt and animal art rewards for the scavenger hunt was a ton of fun. It was amazing seeing everyone who participated in the World Turtle Day scavenger hunt and hearing everyone’s questions about our turtles, tortoises, and terrapins!” – Ashlee C.

Relaunching the Docent Program

Docents serve as guides and educators while engaging with visitors. They provide group learning experiences through in-depth tours and ensure visitors’ enjoyment of the Museum. MOSH is planning to relaunch its Docent Program by the end of December 2021. Check the volunteer page on the MOSH website for updates on the program and how to get involved.

Application process

All volunteers and potential interns must apply online. Once applications have been received, interviewing takes place and background checks are required. After approval, volunteers and interns attend orientation and receive in-depth trainings. Find the application and more information here, or contact Volunteer Coordinator Jasmine Turner with any questions. 904.396.6674 ext. 227

Health and safety considerations

Volunteer health and safety is a top priority at MOSH. Volunteers and interns are expected to follow MOSH guidelines in accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). There are protocols in place to ensure the safety of all volunteers and interns.