MOSH combines education and entertainment in our annual spring, summer and winter camps. Each camp encourages student curiosity and exploration as we venture around the Museum. Our highly-trained MOSH Educators utilize the entire Museum to make each camp engaging for children of all ages.



June 7 – August 6, 2021

Camp Times:

9 a.m. to 3 p.m. (Extended Day: 7:30 – 9 a.m. & 3 – 5 p.m.)

Cost of Camp:

$200 for MOSH Members / $250 for Non-Members

*Call (904) 396-6674 ext. 213 with registration assistance

Participant Ages:

Completed K-8th Grade for all weeks.

Register your child for the grade level they will have completed as of June 2021.


New Camp Policies For Health & Safety
Please read our Summer Camp Letter to Families to learn about how Summer Discovery Camps are different this year and the steps we are taking to make camp as safe as possible.


  • June 7-11: The Science of Me!
  • June 14-18: Can You Dig It?
  • June 21-25: Brick Builders
  • June 28-July 2: Reptilian
  • July 5-9: MOSH 101
  • July 12-16: Around the World in 5 Days
  • July 19-23: Trees, Bees & Seas
  • July 26-30: The Art of Science
  • August 2-6: Out of This World

1st-2nd Grade

  • June 7-11: Mini Med School
  • June 14-18: Rockin’ Out
  • June 21-25: Brick Inventors
  • June 28-July 2: Myths, Monsters & Legends
  • July 5-9: Don’t Try This at Home!
  • July 12-16: Superhero Science
  • July 19-23: Summer Safari
  • July 26-30: The Science of Art
  • August 2-6: Stellar Science

3rd-5th Grade

  • June 7-11: The Future of Medicine
  • June 14-18: Fossil Frenzy
  • June 21-25: Physics Frenzy
  • June 28-July 2: Fantastic Beasts
  • July 5-9: Engineering & Tinkering
  • July 12-16: Blast from the Past
  • July 19-23: Marine Biology
  • July 26-30: MOSH Makers
  • August 2-6: Spacin’ Out

6th-8th Grade

  • June 7-11: Dissection
  • June 14-18: Archaeology
  • June 21-25: Aeronautics
  • June 28-July 2: Believe It or Not
  • July 5-9: If I Ran the MOSH
  • July 12-16: Age of Exploration
  • July 19-23: Our Planet
  • July 26-30: Movers & Makers
  • August 2-6: Into the Universe

June 7-11: The Science of Me!

How does our body digest food? How does our heart pump our blood? Campers will learn the answer to these questions and more as we find out about the systems that keep us going and see what makes up marvelous you!

June 14-18: Can You Dig It?

From searching for dinosaur bones to planting a garden, there are so many reasons why people dig! We’ll look at what we can find underground- and maybe get a little messy while we do it!

June 21-25: Brick Builders

Do you think you’re a master builder? Use creativity to create amazing structures, work together to complete challenges, and learn new ways to use your favorite plastic bricks by teaming up with our MOSH Educators!

June 28-July 2: Reptilian

Do dragons really exist? Campers will unravel the mysteries and stories of dragons from around the world as they get up close and personal with some of MOSH’s resident reptiles!

July 5-9: MOSH 101

Do you have what it takes to become a MOSH expert? We’ll meet the animals that call MOSH home, see experiments in the JEA Science Theater, discover the stars in the Bryan-Gooding Planetarium, and more in this fun-filled week of camp!

July 12-16: Around the World in 5 Days

Dreaming of a great summer vacation, but couldn’t get away? Look no further than a MOSH staycation! See the Eiffel Tower, view the Mayan ruins, climb the Great Wall, and everything in between as we traverse the globe in five days.

July 19-23: Trees, Bees & Seas

Learn about the science of the world around us, from the soil beneath our feet to the air we breathe and the water we drink! Conduct experiments that reveal the secrets of the environment and discover how nature shapes our lives.

July 26-30: The Art of Science

The natural world inspires artists to make beautiful art, and sometimes looks like beautiful art itself! Campers will discover the connection between science and art by investigating the patterns found in nature, discovering why animals have different colors, and making art inspired by nature and famous artists.

August 2-6: Out of This World

Ready, set, blastoff! Become a space explorer as we tour the galaxy in our Bryan-Gooding Planetarium, perform anti-gravity experiments, race rockets, and find out how to become an astronaut!

June 7-11: Mini Med School

Explore the inner workings of our bodies as we conduct experiments that show just what happens under our skin! We’ll learn how our bodies turn food into fuel, grow and investigate germs, construct model skeletons, and more as we learn why it’s important to make healthy choices.

June 14-18: Rockin’ Out

Get ready to dig into geology! We’ll learn about different types of rocks, how fossils form and get found, grow crystals to keep, and more as we explore why rocks, ROCK!

June 21-25: Brick Inventors

Get ready to invent! Follow the Engineering Design Process as we create cars, buildings, mazes, and more, all out of our favorite plastic building bricks. Using only our imaginations and building bricks, we’ll see how to use these blocks in interesting ways, collect and analyze data from our creations, and make designs that no one has ever made before!

June 28-July 2: Myths, Monsters & Legends

How did ancient peoples “discover” bones of dragons and cyclops? How did ancient Greeks and Romans create constellations in the sky? Why have we told some stories for thousands of years, and what stories of today will we tell in the future? Learn the science and history behind myths, monsters, and legends such as the Loch Ness Monster, the Kraken, and more!

July 5-9: Don’t Try This at Home!

Discover what it takes to make something go boom! We’ll throw stuff to measure the trajectory of projectiles, drop and explode things from up high, and embrace the MESS at MOSH!

July 12-16: Superhero Science

Calling all Superheroes! Come attend our Superhero Science Academy and learn the science behind web-slinging, cape-flying, and super-human strength! Create your own identity, costume, and comic book to show off everything that makes you super!

July 19-23: Summer Safari

Come on an animal adventure as we learn about the wild critters in our own backyard and beyond! Get up close and personal with the animals that call MOSH home, learn how to protect nature, and discover the strange and amazing places that animals call home.

July 26-30: The Science of Art

From Jackson Pollack to Theo Jansen, artists have used science to bring their creations to life for centuries! MOSH campers will learn how famous artists use different kinds of science in their art while using science to make creations of their own.

August 2-6: Stellar Science

Lift off! Buckle up for this planetary adventure! Tour the solar system from the Sun to Pluto, find out how NASA travels around outer space, and discover what it would take to live on another planet!

June 7-11: The Future of Medicine

Medicine has changed a lot over time- and is now more exciting than ever! Make a robotic arm like a biomedical engineer, extract your own DNA like a geneticist, and stop an outbreak like an epidemiologist. With the help of MOSH staff and real medical professionals, campers will learn about the human body and explore future careers.

June 14-18: Fossil Frenzy

Grab a shovel, put on a helmet, and join the expedition as we explore the latest discoveries in dinosaurs and the people who find them. Learn how to map excavation sites, make a fossil cast, and figure out what makes a fossil stand the test of time. There’s more to paleontology than playing in dirt!

June 21-25: Physics Frenzy

Physics is everywhere! Theme park attractions, cars on the road, and even a person walking down the street are all powered by physics! Put the Laws of Motion to the test, try to defy gravity, and more with our MOSH Educators!

June 28-July 2: Fantastic Beasts

From dragons to unicorns, humans have long told stories of fantastic beasts- but where do these legendary tales come from? Campers will discover the real-world amazing animals that inspire these tales, and imagine creatures of their own at MOSH!

July 5-9: Engineering & Tinkering

Technology has come a long way! Future engineers will discover all of the ways that engineering has changed our world and test their own engineering skills as they create circuits, learn the basics of robot programming, discover bionics, and more!

July 12-16: Blast from the Past

Travel back in time with MOSH to explore ancient civilizations, the history of science like telescopes and electricity, and examine if time travel will ever exist! By looking to the past, we’ll understand what may be in store for our future!

July 19-23: Marine Biology

How do we test water quality? What’s the best way to study animals underwater? How can we protect marine life? Campers will answer these questions and more through a week of experiments, dissections, and investigations of our own St. Johns River!

July 26-30: MOSH Makers

Get ready to learn what it takes to be a Maker! The Maker Movement is all about thinking creatively, no matter how you do it! From exciting new technology like 3D printing, to traditional crafts like block printing, campers will discover new hobbies and jump right in to this exciting new movement.

August 2-6: Spacin’ Out

Prepare for a summer camp week that’s out of this world! Learn how to prep for a trip to Mars by launching rockets, navigating the constellations, coding robots, and more!

June 7-11: Dissection

Ever wonder how something works and just decide to cut it “right in two?” You are just who we need to attend our dissection camp! Yes, ooey-gooey specimens will be on the table to dissect, but have you ever thought to dissect electronics? What else haven’t you thought to dissect? You just might be able to learn a thing or two dissecting them as well.

June 14-18: Archaeology

Learn what it takes to be an archaeologist like Indiana Jones- discover the skills, techniques, and challenges of archeology and learn the stories of humanity’s distant past that lie buried beneath our feet!

June 21-25: Aeronautics

Attention future pilots and astronauts! Have you ever looked up at the sky, seen a plane fly overhead, and wondered how those giant machines can fly thousands of feet in the air for hours at a time? Then buckle up and grab a parachute as we learn how we have come to rule the skies!

June 28-July 2: Believe It or Not

History is full of tall tales and tricks! Discover how myths are made to look like reality, how cabinets of curiosity transformed into modern museums, and try to break world records as we ask campers to believe it or not!

July 5-9: If I Ran the MOSH

Have you ever wondered what MOSH is like behind the scenes? Do you want to learn what it takes to run a museum? Campers will learn to host an Extreme Science Show, find out how the Planetarium works, investigate how exhibits are built, and more as we discover everything there is to know about MOSH!

July 12-16: Age of Exploration

Join MOSH and dive deep into Humanity’s legacy of exploration and discovery. From our first steps out of Africa to the Moon, Mars, and beyond, learn all about the challenges and feats of exploration throughout history that have shaped our world.

July 19-23: Our Planet

Learn how science and the environment go hand in hand and conduct experiments that reveal humanity’s impact on the world around us. Discover how we can make a difference in keeping the Earth’s habitats clean and safe for all!

July 26-30: Movers & Makers

Calling all Makers! Do you like to tinker and create new things? Try new technologies like 3D printing pens, learn about circuitry and robotics, and get hands on with traditional “making” methods like sewing as we join the Maker Movement together.

August 2-6: Into the Universe

Get ready to explore beyond the Galaxy’s edge! Explore the Universe by launching rockets, navigating the constellations, coding robots, and more!

General Information

  • All camp classes have a maximum of 12 students for Kindergarten and a maximum of 15 students for 1st – 8th Grades. Campers and camp staff for each class will have limited interaction with other classes.
  • Campers bring their own morning snack and lunch; there is no afternoon snack
  • Campers can be dropped off as early as 8 a.m. for morning care at no charge
  • Extended care is available for $20 per day. Campers registered for Extended Care may be dropped off as early as 7:30 a.m. and picked up as late as 5 p.m.
  • Campers go outside for a half hour recess at least once per day.

In order to reserve a spot for your child in camp, payment must be made ahead of time. Once a camp is full no further tickets will be available for purchase. Please contact the MOSH Camp Director at 904.396.6674 x 213 to place your name on the waiting list for a particular camp. 

Refund Policy: Cancellations made at least two weeks prior to the event are eligible to be rescheduled, but no refunds will be given. If no rescheduled date is available, credit will be issued and can be applied to future MOSH camps or other events. No credit will be given for no shows/no calls. Extended Day is non-refundable.

Extended Day Policy: Extended Day is available for Spring Camp. Camper pick-up later than 5 p.m. is subject to a $20 late pick-up fee per child. Late pick-up fees must be paid in order for campers to return to camp. Extended Day is non-refundable.

Camp FAQs

Campers will spend their time in the classroom, in the museum and outside in some instances for their camp. They will fill their day learning about the topic at hand through hands-on demonstrations, experiments and crafts. Children will have free time to explore the museum exhibits and will be able to attend at least one science show, animal show or planetarium show.

K-8th grade campers will go outside for a 30 minute supervised recess to release energy, or to perform certain science experiments but will remain indoors the majority of the day.

For Kindergarten Camps, there will be one teacher for every 12 students, with up to 3 Teen Interns assisting the classroom. For all other camps, there will be one teacher for every 15 students, with up to 2 Teen Interns assisting in the classroom.

Kindergarten Camp classes have a maximum of 12 students. All other Camp classes have maximum of 15 students.

MOSH offers early morning and late afternoon child care to accommodate working parents. During extended day sessions, campers have free play during which they can play games, draw and color or watch a movie.

MOSH does not serve snacks. Parents are responsible for supplying a mid-morning snack.

Parents are welcome to pick up their children for lunch. We do ask that if parents want to eat with their child they go out to the park or off the premises to eat. We also ask that parents let MOSH staff know in the morning if they would like to have lunch with their child that day.

There are no field trips currently planned for Summer 2021. We hope that field trips, including our trip to Kennedy Space Center, will return for Summer 2022.

Campers are not recommended to bring personal electronic devices to camp. However, campers enrolled in extended day may bring personal items, including electronics, as long as it does not cause problems. Campers may not play with personal items in the camp classrooms. If personal items become a distraction, they may be taken away and will be returned to the parent at the end of the day. Please be aware that MOSH will not be held responsible for lost, broken or stolen personal items. The child is solely responsible for all personal items, including money that is brought to camp.