One program can seat up to 99 people; larger groups will be split into two programs.

Happenin’ Habitats
(Grades K–5)

Where does a red-tailed hawk call home? How about a gopher tortoise? Not only will students find out what types of habitats local wildlife species are found in, but why they live there. An animal’s relationship to its habitat is very important because it must provide them with everything it needs to survive. Meet some live animals and find out what habitats they call home.

NGSS: SC.(K1).L.14. Organization and Development of Living Organisms

NGSS: SC.(15).L.17. Interdependence

It All Makes Sense
(Grades K–2)

Students will come to their senses in this multidisciplinary program that teaches the biology of the five senses through hands-on science experiments. They will see the color spectrum through prisms, hear sound waves in action, feel the chill of freezing cold liquid nitrogen and more!

NGSS: SC.(K2).L.14. Organization and Development of Living Organism

The Human Body Machine
(Grades 3–6)

The Human body is a marvelous natural machine. From the nervous system, to the digestive system, to our muscles, bones and hearts, learn how each of our major body systems work together to make us move!

NGSS: SC.(5-6).L.14 Organization and Development of Living Organisms