Science 101
(Grades K – 5)

Students become scientists as they experiment in MOSH’s extreme science laboratory! They will learn the nature of the scientific world as they make observations, test hypotheses, and analyze data. Students will learn that the processes of science can be fun in this exciting interactive program.

NGSS: SC.(K5).N.1. The Practice of Science

What’s the Matter?
(Grades 2 – 5)

From solids to liquids to gases – students see matter change before their very eyes. Your students will become involved in proving that gas is full of mass, and they will experience the chill of cold liquid nitrogen as it boils at room temperature.

NGSS: SC.(25). P.8. Properties of Matter

Energize Me
(Grades 4 – 6)

What do breakfast, a bicycle, and a light bulb all have in common? Students find out in this program that takes an in-depth look at various forms of energy and how energy is transformed.

NGSS: SC.(35).P.10. Forms of Energy

Wild Weather
(Grades 5 – 6)

Science will take your students by storm as we create clouds and experience lightning in the lab. Students will find out what makes a tornado spin, what causes thunder, and how hurricanes are formed as they learn about how temperature influences weather.

NGSS: SC.(56).E.7. Earth Systems and Patterns