One program can seat up to 192 people total; larger groups will be split into two programs.

Skies Over Jacksonville
(Grade level customizable)

Students will join our planetarium educators in a journey across the sky as bright stars, asterisms, constellations, and other surprises are identified and discussed.

[NGSS: SC.(K5).E.5. Earth in Space and Time]

*Program also offered virtually

The Little Star That Could
(Grades K–3)

The Little Star That Could follows the adventures of a character named “Little Star.” The Little Star That Could is an excellent and fun introduction to stars, the galaxy, and planets of our solar system.

[NGSS: SC.(K5). E.5. Earth in Space and Time]

Zula Patrol
(Grades PreK–2)

While on a routine fossil hunting expedition, the Zula Patrol discovers that someone’s been dumping trash in Earth’s prehistoric past! On their mission to catch the culprit, they learn all about the formation and development of Earth and its inhabitants.

[NGSS: SC.(K5). E.5. Earth in Space and Time]

(Grades PreK–3)

This magical, musical adventure into the world of molecules follows a cast of fun-loving characters as they move throughout the universe in a magical ship. On their journey, they pass through the three states of matter — solids, liquids, and gas — at the atomic level.

[NGSS: SC.(24).P.8. Properties of Matter]

Earth, Moon & Sun
(Grades K–5)

Follow Coyote on an adventure in space as you learn the truth behind some common misconceptions about our Earth and its relationship with the moon and sun. Coyote and his Native American stories will help demonstrate the difference between the myths and science of the sky.

[NGSS: SC.(K5).E.5. Earth in Space and Time]