One program can seat up to 99 people; larger groups will be split into two programs.

Flags Over Florida
(Grades 4-5)

Come discover the triumphs and tragedies of settling Florida’s First Coast. From Ponce de Leon to statehood, students will explore how “La Floride” became the “Sunshine State” in an interactive adventure through Florida’s history.

NGSS: SS.(4-5). A.3-4. Historical Knowledge: American History and Geography

Timucuan Pottery Workshop
(Grades 4-6)

Using true-to-life techniques and materials, students will discover the origins of pottery in Northeast Florida and learn about the people who made them – the Timucua. Students will make their own Timucuan pots to keep! 

NGSS: SS.4.A.2.1, VA.4.S.1.1, VA.4.S.1.3, VA.4.H.2.2, SS.5.A.1.1, SS.5.A.2.3, VA.5.S.1.3, SS.6.G.4.2, VA.68.H.1.3 

Guided Exhibit Tour
(Grades K-12)

A live tour of our latest traveling exhibit or one of our permanent exhibits.

NGSS: SS.(K-12).A.1 Historical Inquiry & Analysis