Bryan-Gooding Planetarium

The Bryan-Gooding Planetarium, one of the largest single-lens planetariums in the United States, uses cutting edge technology to bring the night skies to life and entertain visitors of all ages.

Programs are immersive productions about deep space exploration, our dynamic planet and the human experience connecting it all.

Daily live presentations are led by knowledgeable planetarium Educators piloting MOSH’s digital projection system.


Please note: General admission includes entry into one Planetarium program. Additional Planetarium tickets may be purchased at the front desk at a cost of $5 per person, per program. Admission to First Friday Cosmic Concerts is $10 per concert for non-members and $5 per concert for members.


A magical, musical adventure into the world of atoms and molecules! This Digital-Dome experience takes you on a journey with Oxy, Hydro and Hydra, an amazing cast of atoms, aboard the most fantastic ship in the Universe: the Molecularium.

Mondays & Saturdays at 11 a.m.

Kick back and relax as laser lights and images dance around the Planetarium dome set to music.

Saturdays at 12 p.m.

*NOTICE: Planetarium shows, laser shows, and light effects may cause seizures in certain individuals. If you have any concerns or questions about the show’s content or nature, please ask the operator/educator before the program begins.

Explores the inner workings of Earth’s climate system. This program follows a trail of energy that flows from the Sun into the interlocking systems that shape our climate: the atmosphere, oceans, and the biosphere.

Daily at 1 p.m.

Visitors will join our planetarium educator in a journey across the sky as bright stars, asterisms, constellations and other surprises are identified and discussed.

Daily at 2 p.m.

Embark on a startling and beautiful voyage through the universe as you visit planets in search of water, a key ingredient for life on Earth.

Daily at 3 p.m.

The Legends of the Night Sky series introduce mythology, geography and astronomy in way you have never seen before and are ideal for family audiences and younger viewers.

Fridays — Sundays at 4 p.m.

This live interactive program explores our solar system. From the planets to the sun and from comets to asteroids, we will embark on a journey of exploration and discovery.

Fridays & Saturdays at 5 p.m.


02.21.20 | 7 — 8:30 p.m.


MOSH and the Bryan-Gooding Planetarium present Planetarium Night Live! Expand your mind and go on an exploration of cosmic phenomena during immersive, live discussions & demonstrations. 

Join us on February 21, 2020 at 7 p.m. as Planetarium Night Live! presents “From Atoms to Ashes: The Lives of Stars.” Trace the lives of stars as they grow from wee, tantrum-throwing babies to old, bloated, gassy, red versions of themselves. You’ll need to make room in your mind for deep time, solar system-sterilizing explosions, and ecosystems the size of galaxies.

Suggested for ages 13 and up.

$5 for Museum Members  |  $10 non-members


Experience out-of-this-world entertainment on the first Friday of every month. Cosmic Concerts in the Bryan-Gooding Planetarium combine laser lights and images with 35,000 watts of digital power!

Cosmic Concerts are $10 per person, per show; MOSH Members save $5. Enhance your experience with laser glasses for $1 more.

Expand the listings below to view concert times and music playlists, and to buy tickets.


LASER MANIA  |  7 p.m.

Various music from the 50’s to the 90’s

Song Line-up:

Mortal Kombat Theme – Immortals

Blue – Eiffel 65

Smooth – Santana

Men in Black – Will Smith

Man! I Feel Like a Woman! – Shania Twain

That’s the Way It Is – Celine Dion

Time Warp Medley

  • Time Warp – Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • Jailhouse Rock – Elvis
  • Yakety Yak – The Coasters
  • Satisfaction (I Can’t Get No) – Rolling Stones
  • Stop! In the Name of Love – The Supremes
  • Whole Lotta Love – Led Zeppelin
  • Stayin’ Alive- Bee Gee’s
  • What I Like About You – The Romantics
  • Let’s Go Crazy – Prince

Desert Rose – Sting

Radioactive Hamsters – Weird Al

Mixed Bizness – Beck

Under the Milky Way – The Church

Livin’ la Vida Loca – Ricky Martin

All the Small Things – Blink 182

LASEROCK  |  8 p.m.

70’s and 80’s rock music

Song Line-up:

Crazy Train – Ozzy Osbourne

Juke Box Here – Foreigner

Ramble On – Led Zeppelin

Suffragette City – David Bowie

Long Distance Runaround – Yes

La Grange – ZZ Top

In the Beginning – ELP

Tonight Tonight Tonight – Genesis

YYZ – Rush

Ace of Spades – Motorhead

GENESIS  |  9 p.m.

Music of Genesis

Song Line-up:

Turn It On Again

Invisible Touch


Tonight, Tonight, Tonight

Land of Confusion



Follow You, Follow Me

In The Air Tonight


WISH YOU WERE HERE  |  10 p.m.

Album by Pink Floyd

Song Line-up:

Shine On You Crazy Diamond Parts I-V

Welcome to the Machine

Have a Cigar

Wish You Were Here

Shine On You Crazy Diamond Parts VI-IX


POP  |  7 p.m.

Various pop songs from the 60’s, 80’s & 90’s

Song Line-up:

Pop – N’Sync

Get this Party Started – Pink

Beatles Medley

  • I Want to Hold Your Hand
  • Twist and Shout
  • Help!

I’m a Believer – Smashmouth

Desert Rose – Sting

Beach Boys Medley

  • Surfin’ U.S.A.
  • Fun Fun Fun
  • I Get Around

Cosmic Thing – B-52’s

Digital Get Down – N’Sync

Kryptonite – 3 Doors Down

TRIBUTE  |  8 p.m.

Various songs from musicians no longer with us

Song Line-up:

Beat It – Michael Jackson

Purple Haze – Jimi Hendrix

Neon Knights – Dio

Jailhouse Rock – Elvis

Ring of Fire – Johnny Cash

Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen

Imagine – John Lennon

Space Oddity – David Bowie

I Wanna Dance with Somebody – Whitney Houston

Break on Through (To the Other Side) – The Doors

Let’s Go Crazy – Prince

LED ZEPPELIN  |  9 p.m.

Music of Led Zeppelin

Song Line-up:

Song Remains the Same

Over the Hills and Far Away

Good Times/Bad Times

Immigrant Song

No Quarter

Black Dog

Livin’ Lovin’ Maid


Stairway to Heaven

Whole Lotta Love

Rock and Roll


Album by Pink Floyd

Song Line-up:

Speak to Me


On the Run


The Great Gig in the Sky


Us and Them

Any Colour You Like

Brain Damage



LASER MAGIC  |  7 p.m.

Various music from the 50’s to the 90’s

Song Line-up:

Santorini – Yanni

Godzilla – Blue Oyster Cult

Love Gets Me Every Time – Shania Twain

Men in Black – Will Smith

Heart Goes On – Celine Dion

Storms in Africa – Enya

Money (edit) – Pink Floyd

Semi Charmed Life – 3rd Eye Blind

Time Warp Medley

  • Time Warp – Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • Jailhouse Rock – Elvis
  • Yakety Yak – The Coasters
  • Satisfaction (I Can’t Get No) – Rolling Stones
  • Stop! In the Name of Love – The Supremes
  • Whole Lotta Love – Led Zeppelin
  • Stayin’ Alive- Bee Gee’s
  • What I Like About You – The Romantics
  • Let’s Go Crazy – Prince

Candle in the Wind (Diana) – Elton John

Don’t Speak – No Doubt

The Hunter – Bjork

I Love Rock and Roll – Joan Jett

Rock Lobster – B-52’s

Tub Thumper – Chumbawumba

COUNTRY  |  8 p.m.

Various Country music songs from the 60’s to 2000’s

Song Line-up:

Ain’t Goin’ Down ‘til the Sun Comes Up – Garth Brooks

Standing Outside the Fire – Garth Brooks

Ring of Fire – Johnny Cash

Me and My Gang – Rascal Flats

All American Girl – Carrie Underwood

Always on My Mind – Willie Nelson

Devil Went Down to Georgia – Charlie Daniels Band

Good Lord Willing – Little Big Town

How Am I Doin’ – Dierks Bentley

All My Ex’s Live in Texas – George Strait

Crazy – Patsy Cline

Chicken Fried – Zac Brown Band

Love Gets Me Every Time – Shania Twain

Man! I Feel Like a Woman! – Shania Twain

RUSH  |  9 p.m.

Music of Rush

Song Line-up:


Fly By Night

Closer to the Heart



Big Money

Spirit of Radio

Tom Sawyer


THE WALL  |  10 p.m.

Album by Pink Floyd

Song Line-up:

In the Flesh

The Thin Ice

Another Brick in the Wall pt 1

Happiest Days of Our Lives

Another Brick in the Wall pt 2


Goodbye Blue Sky

Empty Spaces

Young Lust

Another Brick in the Wall pt 3

Hey You

Comfortably Numb


The Trial

Run Like Hell


“Above and Beyond…” is a 90 second “shortcast” that brings the universe to you. Aired on WJCT every Friday and Sunday during the nationally syndicated radio programs Science Friday and Radio Lab, “Above and Beyond…” is the product of a partnership between the Bryan-Gooding Planetarium at MOSH and “The Science Of…,” a video and radio production unit from out of Jacksonville University. Find “The Science Of…” linked below.

“Above and Beyond…” topics range from those that can be observed with your own eyes in the night sky over Northeast Florida, to the most distant cosmic objects observed by the most sophisticated telescopes ever built anywhere. Many (but not all) of the concepts brought to life in “Above and Beyond…” are about objects or events specific to a one-time cosmic event or a particular time of year. All of them are produced to be fun and add to a wider understanding of the universe we inhabit. Please browse through the “Above and Beyond…” archives here to binge on the cosmos, 90 seconds at a time.

“Above and Beyond…” archived episodes can be found here:

“The Science Of…” can be found here: