Construction Instruction
(Grades K-3)

Using everyday materials, like drinking straws and spaghetti, students will discover the mathematical world of two-dimensional and three-dimensional geometric shapes. As a group, they will apply their newfound knowledge as they construct towers, bridges, and put their engineering designs to the test.

MAFS. (K-3). G.1 Geometry

SC. (K-3). N.1 The Practice of Science

How Slow Can You Go (Grades 3-5)

Carry out a lesson in 3D maze-making. Groups will invent unique paths and obstacles to maximize the time it takes a ball to run through a maze without stopping. Groups have several rounds to improve their contraption, improving their maze by learning from the successes of other groups. It’s a lesson in competition and sharing. Time trials after each iteration will generate data to analyze, allowing students the ability to compare their improvement as an individual group and as a class overall. How Slow Can You Go is part of the Creativity Garden – a nationwide project of the Association of Science-Technology Centers, generously supported by Disney.

NGSS: SC.(K5).N.1

Roller Coaster Classroom
(Grades 4-6)

Physics is everywhere, even in our favorite attractions! Students will do experiments to learn the laws of motion, then put those concepts to the test by designing their very own roller coasters in the classroom! 

NGSS: SC.(4-6).P.12-13.1 Force & Motion 

3D Printing Workshop
(Grades 3-8)

Students will familiarize themselves with 3D Printing technology and its various uses, and use 3D technology to construct geometric shapes and models. In addition to their own 3D creations, students will receive a 3D-printed souvenir to keep! 

NGSS: CTE-TECED.68.TECDES.04.02, CONTEC.07.01, SC.68.CS-CS.6.1, SC.K2.CS-CS.6.1, CTE-MFG.68.MANPPD.07.03 

Red Rover Mars Robotics
(Grades 5-8)

Be a NASA engineer and explore the surface of Mars! Students will work in teams to program a robot to navigate a massive map of the Martian surface, collecting data that will one day help NASA colonize the Red Planet.

NGSS: SC.35.CS-CC.1.4-5, SS.5.G.1.2 MAFS.5.G.1.1-2