Construction Instruction
(Grades K-3)

Using everyday materials, like drinking straws and spaghetti, students will discover the mathematical world of two-dimensional and three-dimensional geometric shapes. As a group, they will apply their newfound knowledge as they construct towers, bridges, and put their engineering designs to the test.

[MAFS. (K-3). G.1 Geometry]

[SC. (K-3). N.1 The Practice of Science]

How Slow Can You Go (Grades 3-5)

Carry out a lesson in 3D maze-making. Groups will invent unique paths and obstacles to maximize the time it takes a ball to run through a maze without stopping. Groups have several rounds to improve their contraption, improving their maze by learning from the successes of other groups. It’s a lesson in competition and sharing. Time trials after each iteration will generate data to analyze, allowing students the ability to compare their improvement as an individual group and as a class overall. How Slow Can You Go is part of the Creativity Garden – a nationwide project of the Association of Science-Technology Centers, generously supported by Disney.

[ NGSS: SC.(K5).N.1.]

Red Rover Mars Robotics
(Grades 5-8)

Be a NASA engineer and explore the surface of Mars! Students will work in teams to program a robot to navigate a massive map of the Martian surface, collecting data that will one day help NASA colonize the Red Planet.

[NGSS: SC.35.CS-CC.1.4-5, SS.5.G.1.2, MAFS.5.G.1.1-2]