Signature Exhibits


Signature exhibits feature the Museum’s collection and collaborative, community-based partnerships. MOSH’s Guest Curator program highlights relevant and current topics, significant research, and collections through presentations offered by local experts and institutions. Signature exhibits are designed to add depth and a local voice to core and traveling exhibits, programming, and current community topics.



Neighborhoods is a signature exhibition that marks the 50th anniversary of Jacksonville consolidation, focusing on the development and sustainability of Jacksonville’s many neighborhoods – urban, suburban and rural.

Neighborhoods is supported in part by the Jacksonville Aviation Authority.

Mission: Jax Genius


Jacksonville needs to recruit people with a creative spirit to help fulfill its vision. These are folks with a talent for making things. We’re looking for geniuses in art, architecture, music, engineering and technology. Many Jacksonville people today fit that bill, but MOSH thinks it’s found a way to supplement this talent.

MOSH has discovered a TIME MACHINE that will enable us to find and recruit Jacksonville makers of the past to help us build a new future. Your mission is to use the time machine to select and locate twelve of these Jax Geniuses, including songwriter Charlie “Hoss” Singleton, choreographer Frankie Manning, sculptor Augusta Savage, architect Henrietta Dozier, tech pioneer Don Estridge, boat designer Frank Huckins and Hollywood makeup artist William Tuttle.

Are you up for the mission?

Mission: Jax Genius is supported in part by the Jacksonville Aviation Authority.

Saving a Story


Museums are full of amazing objects of all types. No matter what they are made of or where they are from, all the objects in a museum collection have two things in common – they have a story to tell, and they have been accessioned, or formally added, to the collection. View some of the recently added objects from the historic Guaranty Trust and Savings Building, and follow along with MOSH as we work to save a story.