2023 Board of Trustees Engagement Scorecard

2023 Trustee Engagement Scorecard

For Year 2023 - Mission: I am familiar with and support MOSH's mission to inspire the joy of lifelong learning by bringing to life the sciences and regional history.(Required)
For Year 2023 - Board Participation: I am interested in serving on the following Committee (Check applicable committees, or suggest a new committee)(Required)
For Year 2023 - Meeting Preparation: I reviewed Board Committee materials in advance of each meeting.(Required)
For Year 2023 - Event Participation: I attended three events over the course of the fiscal year.(Required)
For Year 2023 - Museum Ambassador: I served as an ambassador for the Museum by sharing my personal story with people in my networks and in public, introducing people to programs, making presentations on behalf of MOSH, and/or sharing Museum social media posts.(Required)
For Year 2023 - Staff Relationships: I maintained a good working relationship with MOSH Leadership.(Required)
Fund Development - I participated in fund development advocacy efforts, facilitation of meetings with donors and grantors, and/or helped with donor thank you letters.(Required)
Social Media - I supported MOSH marketing efforts by sharing social media posts and stories.(Required)
Board Leadership - I served/am interested in serving as a Board Officer or Committee Chair(Required)
Trustee Cultivation - I recommend the following individuals as candidates for Board service:(Required)
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Nominee 2
Nominee 3