Coffee Talk with Arts Infusion Artists – FORGE Manufacturing

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January 31, 2022
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Coffee Talk with Arts Infusion Artists – FORGE Manufacturing


What does “ImagINvention”mean to you?

To us it’s an exhibit exploring the left brain/right brain theory. Left brain (logic) projects tend to be developed for functionality and with precision, while right brain (art) works allow personal interpretation. At FORGE we’ve helped with both types of projects, and the process of creating is almost the same as imagination is the foundation to create from both halves.

What role does art play in our community?

We think that art – as a representative work – addresses some of the divisive challenges that social media and the size of Jacksonville creates.  If we can be unified in liking something, or even agreeing we don’t like something, it’s a start to a shared commonality which is the essence of community.

What themes do you pursue in your collection?

Mostly landmarks and civic icons as representative of local pride/identity.

Is there was one thing about the art world that you wish you could change?

Centralized curation and funding of public projects via RFPs. The technology is readily accessible to enable and empower the community to vote on what they would like to see instead of being decided by a selected group behind doors. The current, closed ecosystem for selection doesn’t support the sharing of ideas and community enrichment that public art is about.

Do you have a favorite piece from this collection? Why or why not?

Yes. Illegible.  It’s the one that elicits feeling of both fear and hope. Fear – that we can’t find a consensus on cultural representation, and hope – that we, and our voices as a community, will be given the chance to influence the decision (and ideally have local artist(s) involved with development).

How has your creative process evolved since you first founded FORGE in 2013?

Initially we wanted to be as accurate in a ‘pursuit of perfection’ kind of way. Now it’s less about perfection and more about acceptance of both our work and ourselves, so we can get out of our own way. Our work starts as digital file(s), which can always be revisited and changed.  Understanding that the process is impermanent and evolving helped with the pressure of, “OMG this has to be perfect” – which led to years of madness.

What interests you most about the emerging art form/platform of NFTs?

NFTs as a visual representative of a crypto based token don’t interest me as much as the power and potential of the underlying token (contracts) themselves. The tokens give creators and owners direct access to one another worldwide and instantly. This will continue to influence crypto adoption and development in rapid and fascinating ways, which the traditional art market (as a platform) can’t do.

If you could have dinner with any artist, dead or alive, who would it be?

Banksy. We want to find out if it’s one person or a collective, and then ask if we can help with the next shenanigan.

About FORGE Manufacturing

FORGE was founded in 2013 to make emerging technology accessible. What if Picasso never had paint? What if Sir Isaac Newton didn’t have access to an apple tree? What if Shakespeare was never given reading lessons?

FORGE combines old world craftmanship with technological precision to make things. We make digital manufacturing technologies accessible and simplified to encourage innovation – and geniuses – locally. We are inspired by complicated challenges and simple bios.

More info available in any universe at

Their art on display in the MOSH Lobby until March 25, 2022.