Q&A With Arts Infusion Artist: Roseann Egidio

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Q&A With Arts Infusion Artist: Roseann Egidio

What led you to the medium of water coloring?

What led me to watercolor was the challenge of it unlike oils or acrylics. You have one chance.  Traditional watercolor has no “white” paint. It’s very exciting. You have to know where to leave paper alone and let the water aspect of watercolor do its thing.

Do you remember the first time you picked up a brush? What did that painting look like?

The first time was a very young age and no, I don’t remember.

What’s unpredictable about water coloring?

Everything! You have to remember to leave the white of the paper. You have to remember to keep it lighter, then go darker later. You can’t get the white of the paper back or go lighter. And how much water to use—it’s letting the water do its thing. It’s all about the ration of water to paint—it can’t really be taught. It has to be realized through practice.

Do you paint in real time, from photos, from memory, or from the imagination?

All of the above! I have reference files so sometimes I combine photos. I love painting en plein air in my sketchbooks, especially on trips.

If you could have dinner with any artist, deceased or living, who would it be?

Picasso. “Every child is an artist—the problem is to remain an artist once they grow up.” That is my favorite quote about art in general. I love the simplicity and design in Picasso.

Do you ever walk away from a painting?

Yes. A lot of large paintings end up as bookmarks. Watercolor can get overworked very easily.

What are you working on right now?

I have about 3 different things—Two are commissions

As an artist, do you have a favorite color?

Sienna. I named my daughter Sienna. It’s an Earth color and it’s warm (And a City in Italy!)

Do you have any words of wisdom for anyone interested in water coloring or starting out in the medium?

Be patient, and invest money in a good round brush.  Start in a small sketchbook. And try to paint every day when starting out. Also, take a class or two.


Roseann’s art is now on display in the MOSH Lobby.
She is hosting a FREE water color workshop Thursday evening, March 16 in the MOSH Lobby. Go to the Calendar of Events for more details.
Learn more about her body of work here.