Traveling Exhibits


SEPTEMBER 14, 2019 — JANUARY 4, 2020

A traveling exhibition that explores the physical and mental challenges involved in space exploration and gives visitors a taste of what life is like outside of Earth and its atmosphere.

Through interactive exhibits, visitors can experience g-force, conduct maintenance on a space station, grow space food and learn the realities of showering, sleeping and using the toilet in space. The exhibition also focuses on team work to solve problems, accurately perform tasks and overcome challenges that an astronaut would face on a real mission to the cosmos.

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Timucuan Parks Foundation: Celebrate and Explore Our Wilderness Parks

OCTOBER 29, 2019 — MAY 31, 2020

This exhibition, organized by the Timucuan Parks Foundation, marks the Foundation’s 20th anniversary. Through original art, illustrated text panels, wildlife cutouts, and an exciting new video production, the exhibit discusses the creation of the nation’s largest urban park system and the role that system plays in Jacksonville’s identity and sense of well-being.  The exhibit includes four new paintings by artist Kathy Stark and a new video featuring drone footage captured by Tom Schifanella and photographs taken by Will Dickey. Also included is a map by Kathy Stark of the various preservation parks in northeast Florida.

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