Upcoming Exhibits


01.18.20 — 05.10.20

A traveling exhibition that examines the complexities of the genome — the complete set of genetic or hereditary material of a living organism — and chronicles the remarkable breakthroughs that have taken place since the completion of the Human Genome Project more than a decade ago. With cutting-edge interactives, 3D models, custom animations and engaging videos of real-life stories, the exhibition examines both the benefits and the challenges that genomics presents to modern society.

From the moment you enter the exhibition, you will find yourself immersed in an interactive, futuristic environment that communicates the revolutionary nature of genomics. The exhibition gives you a window into genomes that provides new ways of looking at yourself as an individual, as a member of a family and a species, and as part of the diversity of life on Earth.

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Eat Well, Play Well

02.01.20 — 05.10.20

What is in the food we eat? Are fruits and vegetables important? Can everyday activities burn calories? Families, children and school groups will find the answers to these questions by exploring nutrition and fitness in Eat Well, Play Well. This highly interactive, bilingual exhibit encourages healthy living by teaching the science of making healthy food choices and helping children and adults discover there are many fun and interesting ways to stay active.

Visitors will discover what an appropriate serving size looks like, see firsthand what it takes to burn off calories, test their flexibility and balance, review the latest clinical research and realize that they can reduce their risk of disease with healthy choices that are within their reach!

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Dinosaurs Around the World

05.23.20 — 09.07.20

Experience dinosaurs like never before in this prehistoric tour of Earth before the continents of today existed. During their 172-million-year reign, dinosaurs adapted into a variety of forms including enormous long-necked herbivores, the mighty T. rex, and the feathered Velociraptor. Discover how tectonic plates, land bridges, and volcanic activity allowed dinosaurs to travel the world, leaving each continent with its own unique dinosaur inhabitants.

Advanced animatronics and the wonders of science bring these animals back to life and take you on a global dinosaur adventure!