Upcoming Exhibits

Planet Pioneers

01.22.23 — 04.23.23

Blast off to another world at MOSH!

Prepare for launch at MOSH and boldly explore the newest exhibition Planet Pioneers: To Mars and Beyond, opening January 22! Experience what it takes to be the next generation of space goers, learn about the challenges – and risks – of being an astronaut, and help settle new worlds for the future of humanity!

Planet Pioneers: To Mars and Beyond is an immersive and interactive STEM-based exhibition designed for children ages 5 to 12 and their families. From rocket launches to landing, and building a habitat to a base, there are tons to see and do in this exciting new space adventure. Visitors will engage in seventeen different hands-on learning stations that explore themes such as adapting to new environments, the challenges that await humans on distant worlds, and how technology developed for space impact day-to-day lives on Earth. Will you be able to use a satellite to find water, or grow potatoes in space? Meet the challenge and become a Planet Pioneer!

Experience Planet Pioneers: To Mars and Beyond at MOSH from January 22 through April 23.