Upcoming Exhibits

Manufacturing Victory: The Arsenal of Democracy
OPENING 10.14.17

An exhibit that explores the tremendous American industrial effort that supported the Allied victory in World War II.

Tiny Titans: Dinosaur Eggs and Babies
OPENING 01.27.18

A hands-on traveling exhibit that takes an exciting look at the lives of dinosaurs through their eggs, nests and young.

Science Fiction, Science Future
OPENING 02.10.18

A traveling exhibition that enables visitors to develop a deeper understanding of how science fiction ideas and concepts might become the science reality of tomorrow through hands-on and full-body experiences incorporating robots, invisibility, mind control, holograms and augmented reality.

National Geographic Presents Earth Explorers
OPENING 05.26.18

A traveling exhibition that uses immersive environments and augmented reality to take visitors to the wildest places on Earth to discover the amazing animals and plants that thrive in such extreme environments as the poles, rainforests, oceans, savannahs, mountains and caves.