Artist in Residence Request for Proposals

2019 Artist in Residence Program
Request for Proposals


The Museum of Science & History (MOSH) will continue its Artist-in-Residence Program in 2019 to support its Vision Statement: MOSH is an ideas lab that nurtures innovation in the sciences, arts, and humanities. We create a dynamic platform for learning, helping to connect and build a global community. MOSH provides an interactive and engaging experience that ignites and fuels natural curiosity across all walks of life and generations. MOSH champions a culture of environmental and fiscal stewardship coupled with social responsibility.

Mission Statement: The Museum of Science & History inspires the joy of lifelong learning by bringing to life the sciences and regional history.


Program Description

As part of the program, an Artist in Residence will design an outreach project to share his/her work with the local community and contribute an original work for the benefit of the museum.

In June 2019, MOSH opened its first maker space, Creation Station, on a trial basis. The space features a variety of daily visitor maker activities and provides a workshop training space for budding makers.  This “Hacked Edition” of Creation Station is intended to give MOSH staff some practical experience and feedback about its implementation of a maker space.  After a hiatus this fall, MOSH plans to re-introduce Creation Station as a space that will be progressively built out with engaging and interactive décor that befits a room in which things are made.

The 2019 Artist in Residence will be expected to produce an original work of wall-mounted art for the re-introduced space.  This work of art should help create the proper environment for a maker space by doing several of the following:

  • feature an appropriate aesthetic, such as steampunk or future tech or both
  • encourage and inspire creativity, ingenuity and innovation through its design
  • engage people’s sense of wonder and stimulate their imagination
  • draw on principles of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM)
  • appeal to multiple senses
  • be interactive, perhaps in a variety of ways
  • make use of a variety of technologies (mechanical, electromechanical, optical, digital), including those commonly found in maker spaces
  • occupy a space no larger than 8 feet wide by 8 feet high by 1 foot deep
  • be portable or modular enough to be moved to another location at some point in the future
  • be easily maintained, with any replacement parts being readily available
  • expect to have a shelf life of at least ten years
  • be completed and ready for installation by January 31, 2020

Interested parties should contact MOSH curator Paul Bourcier (904-396-6674 x 216; to arrange an appointment to see the space.



Proposals will be accepted from individual artists working alone or artists who lead a team of collaborators.

Proposals should include the following elements:

  • A letter of Intent from the artist(s), including contact information
  • A conceptual design for the work of art
  • A narrative description of the work of art, including materials and technologies to be used
  • A portfolio of completed works; these may be still images and videos and/or links to still images and videos online

Proposals should be submitted no later than August 31, 2019.  Selection will be made by September 16, 2019.  The artist should expect periodic meetings to discuss and review progress.



MOSH will provide the winning artist with a total award of $4,500, including materials.  The allocation of funds between materials and labor is the responsibility of the artist.



An Artist Statement and brief bio will accompany the artwork and be on public view in Creation Station.

MOSH will issue a press release and newsletter article about the artist’s work.

MOSH will promote the artwork on social media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

The artist will be featured for a year on the Local Art page of MOSH’s web site.