Employee Spotlight: Meet Vice President of Visitor Engagement, LaRoe Adams

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August 24, 2022
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August 24, 2022

Employee Spotlight: Meet Vice President of Visitor Engagement, LaRoe Adams

Who is LaRoe Adams?

I originally hail from Philadelphia, PA, and I moved to Savannah, GA in 1998. I attended Savannah State University where I graduated with a BA in business. I’ve always had a passion for history that turned into a career, working for three historic landmarks in Savannah and surrounding area. I moved to Jacksonville in 2015, and the rest is (no pun intended) history.

What drew you to MOSH?

After being introduced to MOSH, I instantly fell in love with the mission and the good work that the staff are doing on behalf of the community.

What does “world-class service” look like?

For me, world class service looks like creating and delivering on an experience that makes guests feel inspired, educated, and entertained all at once. World class service anticipates the need or the experience before it even happens. We here at MOSH strive to deliver this experience every single day.

Describe a day in the Museum as VP of Visitor Engagement?

Managing multiple departments can be a bit challenging at times, but I revel in the challenge. Daily, I’m usually running all over the Museum checking in on volunteers; working with guest relations staff to assist guests, stock shelves, clean floors, and so much more; working with the public programs and special events team; and of course, attending daily meetings with different departments or the leadership team. I try to be available for anyone who needs assistance!

What do you find most fulfilling working at MOSH?

I find the impact that we make on young learners the most fulfilling. It really moves me to see their little faces light up when they learn something for the first time. It validates all the effort we put in day in and day out just to witness those few seconds of wonder in a child’s eyes.

What three words best describe you?

Ambitious, hilarious, and spirited.

What are you looking forward to most about the new Museum?

The new museum itself. I am looking forward to the actual building and the new Museum will be a pillar of the community. The new building will for sure be that community and cultural gathering places for all people in Jacksonville.

Is there a hidden gem in the Museum most guests would miss?

A hidden gem would most likely be the entire Currents of Time exhibit. It is jam-packed with interesting artifacts and stories from Jacksonville’s past. These lesser-known artifacts and minor stories really weave a wonderful tapestry of Jacksonville’s rich history including the people, places, and events. I feel that this exhibit is a diamond among other gems in the museum.

You recently celebrated your one-year work anniversary, is there a memory or experience that stands out to you?

Galaxy, Galaxy, Galaxy. End of statement. I would have to say the Galaxy fundraising event and all the time leading up to it. Never have I ever worked with such wonderful people that put on a wonderful event such as that. Food, fun, and dancing for a good cause. Who can say no to that?  It literally was the highlight of the year. The Galaxy event I would say was out of this world. I really anticipate our next event like that.