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The Voyage to the Deep Experience

Suit up and dive into the deep blue sea and discover a wonderous underwater world in the Museum of Science & History’s (MOSH) newest traveling exhibition, Voyage to the Deep – Underwater Adventure. The exhibition, created by Flying Fish, presents an immersive oceanic experience based on author Jules Verne’s 1870 classic 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Although Verne wrote the science fiction novel nearly 150 years ago, the underwater adventures of Captain Nemo still allure the imagination. The exhibit blends fantasy and reality, enabling visitors of all ages to explore, discover, and learn about the imaginary world along with the real-life thrill and wonder of exploring oceans.

Voyage to the Deep is designed to provide a range of interactive experiences for all to enjoy including full-body interactions, mechanical and electro-mechanical exhibits, interactive projections, and touchscreens. Guests can learn about marine creatures, diving equipment, how submarines are powered, and more!

Climb aboard a submarine–the Nautilus–and follow Captain Nemo’s odyssey through the mythical world he inhabited. Command the submarine’s controls, peer through the periscope, identify the sounds of mysterious marine species, peek into a submariner’s living quarters, and climb the conning tower. Compare Captain Nemo’s fantastical submarine to real modern-day submarine vessels.

The exhibit immerses visitors in an underwater world as it would be seen from inside the fictional deep-sea exploration vessel. Explore Captain Nemo’s Cabinet of Curiosities and discover his secret marine marvels and treasures. Tap out a melody on the pipe organ aboard the vessel, but don’t strike the wrong key or an unexpected event could fall upon the boat! Guests may find themselves scaling the immersive escape hatch and sliding away from the submarine to escape the giant squid!

Release your inner aquanaut and explore topics in maritime archaeology, marine habitats and deep-sea environments, submarine technology, and more. Delve into the belly of a mighty shark and investigate the surprising objects the apex predator has swallowed. Venture through the Kelp Forest and meet the various marine creatures that reside within the exhibit. Wander through the Octopus Garden or Crack the Code using the ancient alphabet from the sunken city of Atlantis.

Voyage to the Deep is an interactive and educational experience that explores maritime science through the lens of Verne’s story. This exhibition is suitable for the whole family but is especially exciting for children in grades K through 8. Learn about the thrilling story of a captain’s journey through the unknown ocean and compare the fantasy to the facts in this captivating exhibition.

Do you have what it takes to journey through a world below the waves? Sail the depths of the ocean now through January 8, 2023, at MOSH.

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ANNOUNCEMENT: MOSH will be closing at 4PM on Wednesday, May 22, 2024